REVIEWS 2016   from guestbook


... we forgot how nice it is to be left here alone ... nice details; cabinets made of probably the first walls made the house - nice also that everything is skewed; makes it spatially .... really enjoyed the piles of Metropolis M ... nice to see the  Table Volk from North - or South ..alias? ... Questions ... questions .... Niki & Ursula, Amsterdam (IJburg)


... breathes the atmosphere of the past ... huge warm welcome ... thanks; Eline


... nice location ... slept well ... great fun ... Mark & ​​Ester


... it was a pleasure to meet you and to visit your studio ... thanks for staying here and our interesting conversations ... welcome to Poland ... Rafael and Amelia


... special home with special furniture ... slept well and enjoyed .... nice town too

Geer and Geer


wonderful stay, we enjoyed ... Anna and Hicham


Femke and I have had it very much ... until next month ... Ingrid


... Nice weekend ... original house ... delicious ... Lindy and Jan, (B)


... nice apartment, nice kitchen, nice bed, beautiful skies ... with pleasure tarried several days.

Hester, Gomera Spain


... attention to detail and color, everything so neat and groomed to perfection ...

Linda and Iris


... very nice reception, nice house ... and Beate Jeanette


... Beautiful rainbow and beautiful skies spotted by skylight above ....

Peter and Eline, Amsterdam


  ... thought of everything in this lovely accommodation ... Annelies and Willy


... we tamed on our bike tour 4 out of 12 bridges ... we have not previously entered such a cozy and artistic home ...

Hetty and Tanja, Rijswijk


  ... nice stop on our walk ‘Vlist from Woerden’ ... along the Green Hartpad ... Top ...

Kees and Ineke, Alkmaar


... Great sleep .... John and Marian, Leidsendam


... transformed house ... you can taste the ancient atmosphere ... cool, compliments ... and Rick Petri, Arnhem


... Unique and Warm experience ... Louise and Assane, Paris


... it was a pleasure to discover tis part of Dutch life ... David Sandrine (Brittany Fr.)


... nice to stay in this particular house ... Joke and Mieke


... we slept well and had a delicious breakfast ... nice how this family property is maintained ... success

Karsten and Gretchen, Zwolle


The property is very well kept and tidy. It is very quiet and the village / town is great ... lots of light and air ... very welcoming on a hot day like today .... Jos Fern and Marie (B)

03/29/16 - 07/04/16







the place. the energy. the exchange. the experience. it has flowed. My gratitude is great ... Linda


.. We spent a good WE in Utrecht and Amsterdam ... see you soon ... Benjamin and Marie, Lille (B)


.. 4x3 nights ... perfect for work and stay close together ... until next time ... Marco

REVIEWS 2015  from guestbook

(reviews AIRBNB:


Many tks for your lovely, quiet and peacefull place ... Andreas from Colombia


Lovely night. A good bed, good breakfast and everything wonderfully clean. You have thought of everything. Compliments Lena from Oosterland and Greta from Zierikzee.


Lovely relaxed we spent the evening ... we enjoyed the peace and freedom .. thanks for the delicious breakfast.

Beb from Vennep and Trees from Sassenheim

11-12 / 9/2015

thanks; it was fine here. Reinoud


Very cozy, authentic and beautiful apartment in the center of IJsselstein. Equipped with all the essentials and we have slept good.



It has been a real pleasure living in Walstraat 6 for so long. When Asley and I arrived in the Netherlands we didn’t expect to see much, a side from Amsterdam. It was out of necessity that we had to find lodging away from the big city, now we feel like we were gifted a vacation.

Thank you for showing us the countrysite and for your recommendations. I hope the bridge by Vianen is around long enough for 100 films to made there!

Tyson +Ashley + little Cora (your Alaskan Friends)


Thanks for the detailed explanation of the 12 bridges. A beautiful apartment with excellent facilities. Here we have a good sleep and a nice resided.

Okko and Simon (Groningen)


Although we do not belong to the Order of Straws, we have gained a lot of inspiration in the house and slept very well.

Annette and Joke (Capelle a / d IJssel)


The apartment is cozy, and is relatively large. It is a home where an artist would feel at home in. I slept well, and expect others to have the same experiences.

Mathias (Belgium)


A great night and a good breakfast; unfortunately we had a rainy morning.

Faisa and Noah


, JHSLI8F YN78YB5IV 8YCNPYnirgxd.imzmc`j <K \ g [


Yes, me too, I found / find it fantastic (and cozy) here ....

Marianne (Elshout)

16-17 / 7/2015

A spacious apartment equipped with all comforts: cooking plate, coffee / tea, cooler with breakfast, a loft and a decent bed. That tastes like more.

Lidwien and Berry

11-12 / 7/2015

Never having been in IJsselstein. It's beautiful here: special in this place. Very nice to encounter a picture of our Waalbrug here.

Nel and Ad (Nijmegen)


What a wonderful place this is! We enjoyed the house, loft and IJsselstein. We come back.

Maurtis and Nonou

13-15 / 6/2015

Greeting Moritz: Museum IJsselstein

1-12 / 6/2015

King of the castle of IJsselstein ... King of the castle on the Walstraat

Simcha: Museum IJsselstein

01/10/2014 - 01/06/2015

.... thank again for the nice living in IJsselstein .....


REVIEWS 2014  uit gastenboek


Thanks for the opportunity we have been given here to stay. It was very satisfactory.

Dora and John


Great house with warm welcome. We have been able recharge well here thanks to the wonderful breakfast. thanks

Isha & Rodmer

10-12 / 9/2014

The notebook starts to get good full! Nice to read how people years ago enjoyed the house. I have with pleasure spent two nights. Nice spot, nice house, beautifully renovated and decorated. Super!



A whole weekend immersed in IJsselstein with lots of memories. It was like old times. Thanks and until next time.

Marielle and Theo (Zierikzee)


Great fun accommodation midway through the Green Hartpad. Everything fine.

Elly from Zaandam, Betsy from Nieuwerkerk


Thanks for taking such good care .. definitely come back .. Frans


We had a lovely stay in this beatiful and peaceful town. We really enjoyed the uniqueness of the apartment and the very friendly welcome.

Isabel and Paul (London)


A pleasant introduction .. good luck ... see you later

Marion, Jaques (Braband)


What a surprise such a nice furnished flat in such an old little house. We enjoyed bed and breakfast. IJsselstein is well worth.

Hans and Rita (Voorhout)


We found the decor and the cottage great. Everything is clean and care. That was very nice.

Lijdia and Marcel (Kesteren)


Thanks for a great stay. We enjoyed all the work you have done with the old house. It has a very uniqe feeling to it.

Milian & Flavia (Bucharest)


Do the Wall Street Shuffle no 6 when your index is ......

What a nice welcome and a lovely apartment. We felt at home here. The harmony can be found here all the way back. With the coal merchant jacket against the wall cabinet in mind, I went back to earlier in our village. My father was a milkman. During winter he chopped thin sticks to create with the yesterdays newspaper, fire in the stove. I had to fill the coal bucket, anthracite fours. Often the wooden clothesline with laundry hung over the stove to dry.

Thanks for the hospitality, it was perfect.

Aad and Marjo Rens (Dirkshorn)


We were pleasantly surprised by this nice place after our bike ride from the South!

Beautiful how the history is preserved ... it's worked out well. Nice and cozy place to stay ... TOP

Nelleke and Tom Veldhuizen


On our route from Emmerich to The Hague we come without too many expectations in IJsselstein. And what are we surprised!! What a history! Great ... Thanks ...

Desiree and Lars


We came here to rest, to explore the area and to visit our children. On Sunday we met the monthly art activities at the Walkade / Walstraat.

We have found beautiful places, peace, quiet and space. The apartment is nice and centrally located, you feel part of the town. The house is also a part of the history and looks fine cared. Thanks.

Ren and Henny Landman (Sittard)


"Basic" in the best sense of the word. Superb accommodations in a beautiful setting.

Bass and Anneke


‘Geinig’ for little as we say in the North of Holland!

and this is meant in the best sense of the word.

Teun and Rene


Thanks you so much for your hospitality. As you know this is our first time in the Netherlands and we have had a great time seeing all the sights. It was lovely to return to this cozy house at the end of each day. We really enjoyed staying in IJsselstein usefull. We recommend That visitors go to the windmill.

Andy and Rachel Borrow-McGee (London UK)


We have slept in a special apartment. Today we continue the Willibrordpad. Good luck with your projects!

Carla v/d Berg and Gerda Korevoor (Ede + B'veld)


Our first experience with booking through airbnb and direct a really nice one.

Good reception, good breakfast, quiet location.

This is so much more fun than a standard hotel.

Paula and Marc


It was nice to be here.

Gerard and Anneke (The Hague)


We are walking a few days Willibrordpad. Arriving at this place was a welcome oasis, especially since it was raining really hard tonight. Everything is well taken care of. Good luck with the rescue of the arch bridge at Vianen.

Herman and Yvonne Meyer


Walking on the Willibrordpad I came yesterday in IJsselstein. No unfamiliar city because I lived there for over 15 years. It was wonderful to walk to the city and the old town hall, the mill and the churches to Kronenburger Plantsoen, and got your warm welcome and we just ended up in the history of the State Highway Plan 1927 and the 12 bridges. Today was my day off and I enjoyed IJsselstein and the museum. Tomorrow I walk to Culemborg, via Betuwe, Achterhoek, Twente back to Zwolle. I hope I can walk on 'your' bridge tomorrow. Thanks for your hospitality and the good care and great breakfast. I enjoyed.

Piet La Roi (Punthorst)

REVIEWS 2013  uit gastenboek


After a memorable "Sprokkelavond" we slept very well. A great house.

Thank you for the excellent cooperation and hospitality. See you soon.

Bart and Sjouke (Utrecht)


What a lovely place to stay. Surprising how carefull everything is made by hand of the artist in every detail. We were on the go on our public transport bicycles including visiting a day at Spaseveen (sauna) in the Maarse Plassen, Afterwards we seated lovely with a glass of wine by the stove and enjoyed the "_ totally out of his."

Looking forward to next time.

Anne and Fae (Scheveningen)


I found it very nice to stay here and hope I can come back soon.

Thanks for the good care. see you

Christina (Greece)


Before and after the reunion of IJSW it was great to be here, so special.

Thea (Vleuten)


_ After 7 years we are back. It all feels so familiar. The atmosphere, the peace, the memories come back on the surface. Rain and wind do not alter this. A place where you feel at home. Everything is right! Thank you.

Theo and Marielle (Zierikzee)


How lucky that we had this special place. It felt like "home", really beautiful. With the small details such as curtains, lights (so different from our home in Australia). Thank you.

Marieke and the two kids (Australia)


We said: it was delicious here, but missed a TV. Hope to come back.

Robert en Trudy Van’t Geloof  (HI-Ambacht)


Tired after a long bike ride from the Beemster we came here to IJsselstein. What a harmony, color and shape! and what a comfort! We enjoyed the breakfast and go inspired back home.

Toon and Jet (Herpen)


We are grateful that we can still, in our old age (75 year) stay in this very special place.

Thanks for the good care.

Nies and Arie Teeuw (Sliedrecht)


We enjoyed the beautiful house, the decor and furniture. Very nice and original. Hopefully we'll be back, but then for longer time.

Jannet and Bram v.d. Mill (Santpoort)


We have been able to stay in this special logement. It comes in our list of "special". _ _ _ _ _ .

Nelly and Bert Groenewegen (Langeweg)


What a great place this is! We very much enjoyed your work and decor. Nice to see how it is done to the smallest things and to see the hand of the artist .... INSPIRING .... keep us informed

Email us

Marianne and Richard Mens


After one night we liked it so much that we did a second night on our way back. SUCCESS!

Jan and Toos (Herpen)


With high expectations ... what a surprise ... amazing! ... thanks

Ria and Corrie


What a surprise to be able to stay here. In such a nice apartment after a long bike ride. Very nice in the center of IJsselstein. One night is not long enough and we hope to stay here longer.

Ton and Wil van Dijk (Leiden)


Thank you for the fine welcome and stories about IJsselstein and our historical heritage. Lovely apartment. We like it here.

Corry and Herman (Poeldijk)


I like staying in Walstaat 6 very well. Beautifully situated in the city center. My stay here for three days has greatly helped me with my actual purpose: three days training Antonius Academy in Nieuwegein. It was a delicious "home" every night.

Carla Vleugels


Dear Wim, Beau and I loved the big bed. I thought it was a nice room with beautiful curtains, it was a nice breakfast and we had a lot of fun! it seems like a great idea if we want to come along, greetings Annabelle and Beau

Dear Wim, What a beautiful spot. Quiet and surrounded by water and old buildings, very soothing and so tasty centrally in IJsselstein.

Mieke Snelbinder, mother of Annebelle and Beau (Gouda)


Netherlands has many special guest addresses. Your facility here in IJsselstein is certainly one of the best. Thank you for the warm welcome.

William and Sjouke Korver (Hellevoetsluis)

REVIEWS 2012  uit gastenboek


What and cozy place this is. After a noisy party  a few hours we rest and slept. We would like to come back once again!

Liesbeth + Joseph Jehay (B)


The reason to be here was the cremation of our father and father in law. With the burning tree and the original overnight stay it feels at home. Thank you.

Ron and Clari


Looking for 'rest' to 'just beeing' we come through ECEAT on a challenging imagination .....

We are going to the challenge .... and pulling the bell of Walkade 15 .... a warm welcome with tea in a fine nest. Your "project" on the other side is equally '. We have a short but intense experience .... the 'rest'and  'just be' ... it was there!

Thank you!

Johan and An (B)


After a bike ride of 100 km. we were welcomed with a cup of tea. Then we went to "Our House", a wonderful place. Thank you for the confidence and hospitality.

Karin + Gerrit (De Lier)


..... Here was it all right. After a walk from Woerden we could take a look into the life of an artist .... After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, we continue our groenehartpad.

Yvonne and Peter (New Lekkerland)


A normal cycle is especially if you stayed on Walstraat 6. Thanks for the welcome and good care. You see us definitely return.

Astrid & Paul


Thanks for the good night sleep after long days of training. It was a wonderful place to relax after the busy intensive days. Will be back.



two weeks ago .... preparation ..... 4 day hike ... Green heart path ....

Google earth .... walkade 15 .... _ exiting ...

the tower of IJsselstein we see from miles distant ....

coffee with Wim and stories about the Order of Straws ...

and then the great apartment ... slept ... read in books ...

Tineke and Suzanne


A nice welcome after a long, hot ride. What a lovely place, although the night was warm. How surprising every time.

tom / tea heemskerk


It was our pleasure to stay here in peace. A warm welcome and a fine breakfast. A special house on a special place. We are curious about the progress of the Order of Straws. Goodbye.

Peter and Simone


After an extraordinarily comforting tour through the rural area around the old fortified IJsselstein we had a real (Anton) Pie (c) experience here in this wonderful (re) constreerde W-Domains. The art of life, exemplary designed. We'll be back

Fabian and Aaf (Amsterdam)


After 1300 km cycling through the country we arrived at this great place. With the historical details we enjoyed the paradise of IJsselstein. After a good breakfast we returned to Berlin.

Elisabeth & Lucie (Berlin)


After a day of cycling we arrive in IJsselstein. What a nice village! Our host interrupts watching the Tour de France and tells the history of this place. Then we come into the house, which is wonderful. Can we stay here? In any case a nice surprise!

Jan and Corry Your Back (Berkel)

May-June 2012

We had a nice 4 weeks in IJsselstein. Easily accessible for the family.

Thijs and Judith Hunter (Noosa Head, Australia)


After a fine breakfast, my son of 11 still sit in the attic. That is real a cozy place, preferably with the window wide open, like last night. After a fine first day of cycling from Rotterdam we were warmly received. Today we visit the old town again, with its splendid historical views, and than we go towards Amersfoort.

Boaz and Alette (Rotterdam)


What a wonderful apartment! We are again well equipped and have gotten a lot of energy to continue cycling.

Ronald & Kim (sGravenzande)


3 days worked

Emmy S


Our 4th weekend-stay again.

Mark and Susanne (Denmark)


Thanks for the hospitality and what a nice place you have here for the guests.

Tanja and Fred

March 2012

Thank you that I could stay in this apartment for 4 weeks. This place has really helped me as a midwife in training. It was a hectic period for me but even here I can enjoy the peace.

Samantha Stokvis (Brunsum)


Thanks for the existence of this wonderful apartment. For 4 days I have enjoyed the care and love that permeates everything here.

Petra de Bruijn (Amsterdam)


From my children I got a stay in this unique house offered. What an atmosphere while the snow swirls down. Good rest for a busy mind. I enjoyed the welcome, the house and especially the 'loft'

Toke Gielings (Deurne)


Thanks for the good care.

Fred Wagenaar (Friesland)


Despite we work 5-days outsite it was a good place for the evening: a 'home' to come. It was refreshing to stay in this old house and in this old town

Luc en Maria Stallaert (Landen, Belgie)


REVIEWS 2011  uit gastenboek


Well worth staying in the same street where my father was born 74 years ago and where my grandfather had a plant stand. How much history can you wish for.

Susanne and Mark (Denmark)


It was nice to be here and to my daughters to receive. A wonderful place.

De Pit (Houten)


We are pleasantly received. There is no long story to be written. A very nice house to stay overnight. Your contribution over the past here was also very good for us to hear. It took us well.

Joke en Hen (Naaldwijk)


Today we're going. That will happen after a good sleep and good breakfast. A beautiful place to sleep. Who knows till next time.

Mariële en Lia (Heilo)


Here to sleep is a different experience. Later than agreed no problem. It’s wonderfull how this unique an old house is furnished. Slept in a good bed. This place is the premier league of beds. Class!

Rick and Albert (Helmond)


I shall not say much, exept for the fact this place is good for quietness of thought. I do not wonder that people like to stay her when silence is needed. I would have like to talk more but my dutch does not yet permit it. Thanks and good luck for your projects.

Fichia (Italie)

Was fijn hier te zijn en om door jou verhalen en beelden een verbondenheid te voelen. Nog vele mooie ervaringen in de Europese landen!

Carlotte (Italie)


We fell in amazement as much space and comfort was not expected. We believe that William deserves the highest award of super amiable host. If we can come again we would like to know more of his work for the W-Domains art.

Ton en Paula  (Beverwijk)


What a surprise to be here overnight. Beautiful apartment. For the last day of our trip a very beautiful ending. After breakfast we head home. Thanks for the good care.

Tineke en Elly


a pleasant stay for me. You never know, but would be nice to see you again. Well thank you.

Bert (Leiden)


A fantastic place to sleep with everything on and on. A very loyal host who told us about the history of IJsselstein. A house with many private. Beautiful courtyard with an equally beautiful evening. We will certainly come back to this address.

Etienne en Lisetten  (Bilzen België) 


Many thanks for your hospitality. What a wonderful apartment. We enjoyed everything. IJsselstein also a very nice place. Thanks for everything.

Eef en Diny  (Nederhorst den Berg)


Have enjoyed our tours in this beautiful region. Also on the peaceful and pleasant accommodation.

Annie en Herbert  (België)


What an authentic place to stay. Nice for privacy. Nice to explore IJsselstein. Thanks for the cordial and good care.

Elke en Henriëtte


We do not much talk about it: awesome! Thanks that we could stay.

Greetje en Nelly (Den Bosch)


What a surprise here in IJsselstein. What a beautiful place and an original design. Slept well and had a nice breakfast.

Piet en Annie (Ewijk)


Two cycling friends from Brabant thank you for your hospitality in your beautiful apartment.

Wilma en Maria


We enjoyed this nice apartment. Very nice! Friday Market at the town hall square. Enjoy sitting in the attic with a piece of cheese and a glass of wine. Fine. After a good night and good breakfast back to Amsterdam.

Wim en Alie


Good to be here in silence all that is connected to. It's a nice space with artistic value. I appreciate the commitment and passion for the preservation of the beautiful and good. Long Live The Coal Sensation.

De Pit  (Houten)


A unique spot in IJsselstein. Nice market and fine dining can be found here. Fascinating stories about the W-Domains. We can look to provoke a great week. Sleep well, which could not be otherwise in such a unique place. The breakfast is delicious. Up ever.

Nico en Jeannette (Hillegom)


Niets in deze ‘wondersgone’ ruimte is ‘ondoordagt’. ‘Slegts’ de drie ‘blauwgegilderde’ elementen stellen ons voor een raadsel, maar evengoed prachtig is, heb dezelfde kleur toegepast in mijn huis, evenals het rood van de boventrap.

Marij  (Dongen)


Thank you for the hospitality, the stories, the cozy apartment. Goodbye.

Mariette en Marry  (Amsterdam)


A surprisingly original apartment with history of the coal merchant family. Really nice and thanks.

Albert en Evelien  (Zevenberg)


So here I sit, looking around. And see that it is good. Hustle and bustle after I come here to relax.