W-Domains       the first art project

From 1982 to 1986, the coal sheds on the Walkade where converted into a studio and a home.

This transformation was the core of the art project W-Domains.

In 2003 also home Walstraat 6 included into the art project.

In 2005 the stable came into the project, so the work was complete.

Order of the Straw        the second art project

The apartment Walstraat 6 is the core location of the art project Order of the Straw. This order includes European thoughts of self-reflection as an intangible continental complex.

The Order of the Straw reveals herself in each European country by a monument, a plaque on which the postal code NL3401DP6 and the vignette of the Order is stated.

Executed monuments: France Salins les Bains and Polen Lubelsky.

In preparation: sites in Malta Valleta, Italy Carrarra, England Hull, Brigton,

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History of apartment Walstraat 6  IJsselstein

The apartment is located in the house Walstraat 6 on the corner Walstraat-Walkade.

This house was erected in 1906 by coal merchant William Batenburg on the foundations of his

coach house. Since than he lived here with his son and daughter-in-law, widow Van Sijl.

Across the Walkade there were his coal sheds.

On the backside of the house he built a stable for his horse.

The core of the art project W-Domains. is the development of the gene and the generation process of families.

The two converted coal sheds were in 1995 designated as Municipal Heritage Site.

There is an ambition to designated the W-Domains as National Heritage Areas.

In 2005 the facades of the four buildings were virtual to each other connected by copper circle-segments.

corner Walstraat-Walkade

horse and stable of the coal merchant

coal sheds at the Walkade

rebuiling of the coal sheds at the Walkade  1985

coal sheds Walkade 15

coal sheds Walkade 17

house Walstraat 6

stable at Walkade 15